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Greek varieties of Olives

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Greek varieties of Olives

Premium Greek Olives | Explore Authentic Mediterranean Flavors 

Meanders Olives always come Fresh from Kalamata of Greece and in a Delicious range of varieties, rich in flavor and texture.

Delve into the heart of Greek gastronomy with our exquisite Olives collection at The Meander Shop. Handpicked from the lush groves of Greece, our olives are a symbol of Mediterranean culinary heritage. Featuring a variety of types including the world-renowned Kalamata, each olive is a burst of rich, authentic flavor. Ideal for enhancing salads, appetizers, or as a standalone delicacy, our Greek olives are a true reflection of the land's bountiful nature and traditional harvesting techniques. Explore our selection to experience the true taste of Greece in every bite.


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