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Greek Dairy Products - Feta Cheese

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Greek Dairy Products - Feta Cheese

Healthy, Refreshing and original, loved by everyone - The Greek Feta!

Either is a Greek Salad or a fried saganaki or a sandwich or even in a pizza it will satisfied you and your guests! Our Feta has been Awarded and Consists 70% Sheep and 30% Goat milk!

Greek Originated Dairy Products. After initial ripening, our artisan PDO Feta Cheese is aged in wooden barrels for a minimum of 3 months. The barrels are hand-crafted from beechwood in Metsovo, a traditional Greek mountain town in the Pindos area. The aging process takes place in controlled temperature and humidity environment, achieving the texture and flavour that defines the uniqueness of our Feta Cheese. Feta Cheese is preserved in natural brine, and can be kept in refrigeration for a prolonged period of time, while it still matures but at a slower rate.

Shipped express in ice from Greece.




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